Building Giant Ravana by Traditional Chau and Shola Artisan

-Design and workshops Nandita Palchoudhuri

An 18 ft Ravana( or Kali or Krishna) built with wood and wire armature clad with paper and traditional highly intricate shola ornamentation and Chau style Mask and Arms.

The building process can be complete in 3-4 days in front of an audience. It is also possible to involve the audience in the building process through a workshop or lecture demonstrations.

Mask painting workshops for children can also be conducted using blank Ravana shaped masks made by the artisans in India at an extra Cost.

Additional Childrens Story Telling Workshops using the character of Ravana to introduce the story of Ramayan are also recommended.

Kali, A Goddess,
Rama,the Hero of the Epic Ramayan,
A Muslim Ritual Horse
have been created In the San Francisco Asian Museum of Art. Auckland National Gallery and in Wellington , New Zealand.