Exhibitions and Sales

Exhibition and Demonstration cum Sale of Crafts of Bengal

The Crafts in Bengal represent hundreds of years of Tradition and Skill They are primarily folk in character and are closely related to the geographical conditions and the resultant rich music, literature and folklore. The significance of the this heritage is the careful balance between variety, beauty and utility.

In the Vedic times the Indian society was stratified into 9 major Craft Classes.

  • Swarnakar-Goldsmith
  • Kansakar-Coppersmith
  • Karmakar-Blacksmith
  • Sutradhar-Architect, Carpenter, Carver, Storyteller…
  • Tantubay-Weaver
  • Kumbhakar-Potter
  • Sankhakar-Shell Carver
  • Malakar-Shola Garland makers
  • Chitrakar-Painter


    The Exhibition showcases 6 such artisans who are representatives of an unbroken line age of Master artisans arising out of this division of society and currently engaged in the crafts for a livelihood..

    Nepal Chandra Sutradhar

    A master Chau Mask Maker and Dancer of the Purulia Style.These are group dances using exaggerated steppings to the accompaniment of Drums and bugles.The themes are all taken from Hindu mythology.The costumes and Masks are specially elaborate and very attractive

    Madhumangal Malakar

    The weed called Shola grows wild in the marshes of Bengal . These plants are skinned and the pith is thinly layered to form reels of ribbon . From these thin layers intricate sculptures of Gods and Godesses,.Ritualistic Masks and Animal forms are made. The British at the time of the Raj,discovered the efficacy of this light and durable raw material and designed the famous.Sola-Hat!

    Manimala Chitrakar - A scroll painter and singer

    Scroll painting and singing,(the Jorano pat style) began as the precursor to the cinema several hundred years ago.Essentially, mythological themes are illustrated on a long scroll ,divided into frames.A song telling the story frame by frame is composed. The story is sung out while the scroll is rolled out ,until it is completely open.The painter and the singer are the Same person. This is a traditionally learnt craft. Indegeneous vegetable dyes are used on Paper backed with cloth.Today several contemporary stories depicting village life ,and issues of female infanticide,bride burning ,literacy, afforestation are addressed by them.

    Madan (Sankhakar) Nandi - A conch Shell Carver and jewellery maker

    The conch shell and Bengali everyday life are inseperable.The shell is blown to herald the beginning and end of all important phases of prayers and rituals.All married women wear a conch shell bangle on their left wrist.Various kinds of jewellery is made from Conch shell.

    Currently soap is being carved very intricately by this craftsman .

    Dolon Kundu-( Kumbhakar) - A pinch potter

    A special style of terracotta products,mainly Animal forms,Mythological forms and jewellery is created by this potter.

    Jyotish Debnath - (Tantubay)

    A weaver using cotton and silk yarn to create fine cottons and silk yardage with Dhakai Motifs .He has developed a miniature loom that demonstrates from yarn making to weaving a piece of cloth.

    The exhibition will present these Master artisan with live demonstration of their Crafts and a display of their handcrafted products and their tools. The curator will be present as an interface between the Artisans and the audience.

    A large range of Handcrafted Products are available for sale.